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CLOUD 9 Rose Plus w/ Thrusting Pleasure Stem

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Product Details
UPC: 860008249777
Brand: Cloud 9 Novelties
Material: Silicone
Rechargeable: Yes

Cloud 9 Rose Plus with Thrusting Pleasure Stem from Health and Wellness Collection. Product number WTC947R.

UPC: 860008249777.
Dual ended, this stimulator can be used externally, internally, or in combination for the ultimate user experience. The classic Rose offers users external air pulse stimulation, while the end of the Stem, thrusts for intense internal stimulation. The strong tether between each device is long enough that both the Rose and the Stem can be used simultaneously. This item is discreetly sized and can be tucked into a purse for easy travel. Operation how to use: both the Rose and the Stem end work independent of each other. The two buttons on the side of the Rose serve as both Power and function control for both stimulators. The top most button operates the Rose, while the bottom button operates the Stem. Press and hold the button of the chosen stimulator until the button lights - the device is now in standby mode. Press the same button again and that stimulator will begin to either pulse air or thrust. Cycle through each of the 10 settings in the same manner. Press and hold the same button to turn off the power. Both the Rose and the Stem ends can be operated independently or at the same time.

Specifications: 10 Air Pulse modes for deeper stimulation. 10 thrusting modes: 3 speeds, 7 functions. Magnetically USB rechargeable. Made using body safe Silicone. Phthalate free, latex free. Dimensions: overall length 12 inches. Insertion length 4 inches. Insertion diameter 4 inches. Bulk weight 6.48 ounces. Categories: Clitoral Stimulator, Rechargeable Vibrators, Sex Toys for Women, Clit Cuddlers. Restricted, Amazon Restricted. 2022.

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